Kendama USA Announces Creep It Real Tour

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Today Kendama USA announced they will be stopping in a handful of cities on a tour back from the Minnesota Kendama Open which runs from October 26 to the 28th. The way back home will take about a week, from October 29th to November 4th. Since they will be passing through Chicago, Detroit, Kentucky, Tennessee and finally Atlanta during these dates, they have festively titled their journey the Creep It Real Tour. The Creep It Real Tour will include Dylan Westmoreland, Wyatt Bray, Zachary Magnuson, Bryan Scagline, Ryan Plourd, and Nobuyoshi Norioka. 
The tour could be interesting depending how well the KUSA teams does at MKO this year.  Their team does include some powerhouse players like Dwesty, Wyatt Bray, and Nobu, but Kendama USA didn’t have an MKO win last year. Nobu was close, but was up against Nick Gallagher, and we all know how that went. So either the drive back to Atlanta will be a celebration, each stop featuring many pats on the back and well deserved congratulations, or, if no title is taken, the tour is a great way to spend a ton of gas on the way back to Georgia. 

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