Sweets Kendamas Are Now Available At Target

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Today is a big day for Sweets. They have reached yet another milestone in their quest for world dama-nation. They revealed that an exclusive Sweets kendama will now be available in 1,800 Target locations nationwide.

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We are excited to announce the biggest move Sweets Kendamas has made for kendama! Starting today Sweets Kendamas will be hitting shelves in all 1,800 Target locations nationwide! 🎯 This is the first time a truly playable and affordable kendama has been so readily available for the everyday consumer! We can’t wait to show the world how great kendama is, and are very excited to see how this helps our community grow and push the sport forward. 🎯 “It has been a goal of mine since the start of Sweets Kendamas to see my product on the shelves of Target. Working with them is truly a dream come true.” – Matt ‘Sweets’ Jorgensen [ @matt_sweets ] 🎯 We are honored to be able to share our compassion for kendama to the world, and invite you to join in the celebration! 🎯 #target #TargetKendama #SweetsKendamas #Kendama

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The kendama that Sweets is moving into Target is part of a new collection called the Dot Burst series. This kendama will only be exclusively available at Target stores, and for just $15, the kendama will feature the Prime shape ken and have a rubber cleared tama paint.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.06.58 PM.png
The Dot Burst color way and design

What is great about this deal is that decent kendamas will now be more easily available to purchase for people all over the United States. With a convenient location (depending where your local Target is of course), and an affordable price, kendama has just become more accessible instead of having to hunt down a town shop or scroll endlessly online through different models. In my local Target here in Orlando I know they carry Duncan’s Komodo kendama, so I wonder if Sweets will be replacing Duncan’s low-tier dama or hanging next to it as it’s higher quality counterpart. Either way, its great to see Sweets start to gain their way into the mainstream. It makes me especially happy because now wherever I go as long as there is a Target nearby I can go pick up a cheap Sweets where the Prime ken alone is worth the price.


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