New York Kendama Open Introduces New Tournament Style

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And it sounds fun as hell to play

Vincent Dimaya, US Yumu Brand Rep based out of New York City, will be hosting the New York Kendama Open this Saturday at Resobox East Village. First place is flight, room & board, and entry to Minneapolis for MKO in October, tons of other great sponsors and prizes, yada, yada, yada.

What I am most excited and interested in seeing is the new tournament style Vincent has curated for the tournament. Instead of a classic open style division there will be a new hybrid contest that combines elements of “Race to Lace” and a traditional open.

The game opens with a race to lace routine such as:

Big Cup – Orbit – Knee Bounce – Base Cup

First player to get that will get one point and attempt to go for the bonus tricks:

Bonus Trick #1: Spike
Bonus Trick #2: Earth Turn

If Player 1 lands both, first try, he/she automatically wins the round with 3 points. If Player 1 gets the first trick but misses the second he/she gets one point, now making the game total 2:0. If he/she miss the first trick then the game moves on at 1:0.

In either case, Player 2 now has a redemption round and a chance to even out the game. He/she has two shots to attempt the routine AND the first bonus trick to win one point. Then, he/she can go for the second bonus trick to bring he/she’s total score to 2 points.

In the case of a tie (i.e. 2:2, 1:1) the players will attempt bonus trick 2 in a traditional open style. If the tie persists, the first player to win the routine defaults into a win.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I understand it’s a little hard to understand written out, but I attempted the game style at a jam in Atlanta. It went extremely quickly, rounds lasting less than a minute, and was a good, fun competition to watch. I can definitely see it having a lot of hype around each round and would help fight the problem open divisions have about being long and drawn out.

Here’s the event site for the entire event:

And a video of Vincent explaining the game too

Hopefully the open goes well and the game style catches on. I’m going to give a few more tries with some of the Florida players and see how it goes.

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