A Few Questions for… Zach Magnuson

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Well it looks like another one has joined the KUSA Tribe team. Zachary Magnuson joins Kenyatta Williams, Dylan Westmoreland, Haley Bishoff among other talented slayers KUSA tapped to be on their ‘flow’ team. Here’s what Kendama USA had to say:

Coming head first out of Detroit MI – 19 years old Zach Magnuson is the NEWEST member of Kendama USA Tribe team! Discovered by Wyatt Bray. “The dude shreds. Like hard.. it was honestly was a no brainer to put Zach on the KUSA team. The dude is hungry and we had to feed him!”

That’s cool, as Zach is pretty gnarly when it comes to kendama. Kendama USA recently published a video on Youtube announcing his arrival.

This had some people scratching their because they remember Zach being sponsored by Atlantic Kendamas, and with this big piece of news they were unsure if he was still associated with Atlantic or not.

Now keep in mind this photo above is from 23 months ago in 2016. Since then it looks like Zach has been not just slaying, but thinking about where to take his kendama career next. So when Marley and I visited the KUSA warehouse in Marietta, Georgia, we thought we’d get down to the bottom of it.


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