“Best of Orlando” nominated DJ Gwadcip$ Playing King of the Swamp 2018

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An average Sunday evening for me usually involves a couple PBR’s and a relaxing night before jumping back in to the grind of the work week. On one of these relaxing nights I came across Gwadcip$’s weekly event Lo-Fi Lounge hosted at the local bar, Lil Indies.


Every week Gwadcip$ takes the “stage” at Lil Indies and presents the bar with classic Lo-Fi jams all made from scratch paired with various projections of classic movies or old-school cartoons. The environment is surreal and calming (especially with a steady supply of PBR from behind the counter), taking the patrons through a relaxing evening that feels like a jazz club from the future. Most weeks I’ve attended Gwadcip$ will even bring up guest DJs to work out there own style for the house.


Gwadcip$ was just nominated for Orlando Weekly’s “Best of Orlando” in the Electronic Music section. Be sure to visit the link below to cast your vote for Gwadcip$ and have your voice heard in all of their other interesting Best of Orlando categories:


The team at Skillderness have been lucky enough to bring Gwadcip$ to DJ FL’s Next Big Dama Event: KING OF THE SWAMP 2018 in less than two weeks! Be sure to get there to catch all of his sets custom curated for King of the Swamp and check out his Soundcloud below for more information!


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