Win This Custom Kendama From Artist Sammy Van Higgins

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We gave one of our blank natty kendamas to our good friend and artist Sammy Van Higgins, giving her complete creative control with any and all artist decisions she wanted to make. A few weeks later we drove up to the tattoo shop where she works as a full time artist where she unveiled a stellar color combination and deliciously hand painted design that made our eyes pop.


Sammy is known for her vibrant designs using bright colors and swift strokes creating cartoon like images that are hard not to notice. This is a huge reason why we enlisted her to create something special with one of our natty’s. And needless to say, she didn’t disappoint.

The pink and blue ken looks like you can almost smell the cotton candy flavor and the tama with its starry flower shop visuals give off the vibe that resembles an eccentric Christmas ornament.


Now if you think the kendama is delicious, here’s where things get sweeter: were offering this dama as a raffle prize within our King Of The Swamp 2018 GoFundMe campaign where if you donate at least $5 to it, your name gets entered to win this beautiful piece of artwork. To increase your chances of winning, you can donate more as every $5 you contribute is another ticket into the raffle. At the end of the campaign, we will draw the name of the lucky winner.

Be sure to follow Sammy Van Higgins and check out the rest of her amazing artwork.


Heres where you can enter:


King Of The Swamp 2018 will be held on July 28th, at Langford Park in Orlando, Florida from 1-6pm.

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