Here’s A List Of Skate Videos To Watch In Honor Of Go Skateboarding Day

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As usual, it’s pouring rain here in Orlando. Summer days in Florida are filled with morning sunshine but after the clock strikes about noon, dark clouds seem to always reappear and literally rain on everyone’s parade. But who I feel for the most because of our inclement weather, is the local skateboarders who are trying to celebrate the religious holiday of Go Skateboarding Day.

Around there world skaters are tearing up the streets celebrating the love for the wood under their feet, but off you happen to be in a similar climate as us Floridians, working at your name tag job, or just simply can’t get out today, I put together a few skate videos worth watching so you can still ride along with fellow skateboarders even if it’s from home or the office.

Gotta love the My War series up on Thrashers Youtube channel. Lots of killer footage of some of the most note worthy skaters active right now. This Pedro Delfino video is bonkers as he attempts a tricky San Francisco board slide.


Tony Hawk recently put out a video for his 50th birthday. Yep, the Birdman is getting old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still shred. He does 50 tricks here that he helped innovate, and some are the last ones he will ever do. Its clear that he can also take some pretty hard slams as after a tight 720 he flies off his halfpipe and slams into a post.


Here we have Thrashers editor at large Jake Phelps reviewing the tape of 2009’s Wallenberg competition where skaters threw themselves down the enormous four stair gap. To me, this video is just funny as he calls out the dudes who didn’t stand a chance.


Now this next one is a video classic. Any real skateboarder has probably already watched Lakai’s Fully Flared on repeat just for the epic intro that was directed by Spike Jonze. It was voted Video Of The Year by Transworld in 2008.

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