Joshua “Flow” Grove Is Not A Sweets Pro

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Sweets Kendamas has released a new video declaring Joshua “Flow” Grove as a new member of their team. This is a big announcement, as it seems that the Sweets family keeps on growing (literally, Matt Jorgensen’s wife just birthed a child). But a lot of people are getting confused as to whether Joshua Grove is apart of the Sweets Pro team or something else.

There is no longer a Sweets Focus or Homegrown team. It’s just Pro, or part of Sweet’s team of individuals who serve the company in a different way, such as marketing, exposure, video making, or social media presence. We all know the Pro team through not just their personalities but their signature pro mod kendamas. But the Sweets Team consists of luminaries such as Alex Hirota, Bryson Lee, Chelsea May Perez and now Joshua Grove. So don’t expect a pro mod from him anytime soon. Needless to say that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve one in the future. Josh has a serious arsenal of nutty tech tricks that Im not sure anyone else can do. Its quite remarkable actually, as Josh has attained a style of kendama playing that is quite unique: using outside objects, both hands, and what seems to be infinite stalls. Josh has earned his name on the Sweets Team, just as anyone else on it has, and he’s here to stay.


Here’s what Sweets officially had to say:

We are proud to announce that Joshua Grove (@joshuaflowgrove) is a New Member of the SWEETS TEAM! Joshua has made a huge change in his life and committed himself into a full time Kendama education role here at sweets and his dedication to building up the Kendama community is massive. He moved all the way from Oregon to the Beautiful Mid-West to take the next step in his Kendama journey! He goes to schools around the country and teaches children and adults of all ages about Kendama, the benefits it can add to their lives, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the gnarliest players in our community.

Joshua Grove may not be a Sweets pro but thats okay. He’s kind of in his own bracket of kendama excellence, as you can for sure see in the video Sweets put out to announce his arrival:

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