Rizen Falls; Dama On Aims For The Sky

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It has been recently announced that Rizen Kendamas will be shutting down permanently. The owner of Rizen, Mac Eugene Gill, released a statement via Facebook that he is closing down the company for good:

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.25.44 AM

Instead of Rizen, Mac will be focusing on his kendama clothing line Dama On, as he believes he can put out better quality and original clothing options than kendamas. It may prove to be a smart move, as in a previous article I wrote that the kendama community is in need of more original higher quality apparel options so to go out and try to fill that void just may be a smart business move after all.

“We have Rizens in 13 countries and 36 states. We made resin and wooden kendamas and other products like kendama holders and light saber stands. We have sponsored and gifted more kendamas then we sold. We love giving back to the community,” Mac says.

“I’m an artist and love coming up with new designs. I noticed that the kendama appeal was kinda plain. My wife works at the place that manufactures our products. She gets to over see the production so we can insure that every piece is perfect. Rizen had a bad image and we wanted to have a fresh start. Also with Rizen we are tied down to that one brand. Dama On is a brand for all brands. We are working with some different brands and players.”


So it seems that Mac has a good grip on what he wants and what the community wants. It’s just good to know that he’s not just outright quitting his creative output into kendama, but trying to improve it by cutting loose ends and trying something new. So more power to ya Mac, and maybe one day we will cop a shirt.

You can check out Dama On’s website here.

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