Documentary Examines How Skill Toys Are Good For Your Health

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Recently I have been scouring the internet for anything regarding the health benefits of skill toy activity. In a previous post explaining how kendama was beneficial to me, I received some comments saying that the article wasn’t backed up by actual scientific evidence. And to be honest, it wasn’t, I was trying to specify how playing kendama was beneficial to me as an individual but these comments did raise a good question: what exactly is the health science behind skill toy play?

So I began my search for anything that could explain this in professional terms, and came across a video from 2006 that outlines how skill toys – poi spinning especially – has its good and bad effects on the human body.  Produced by, (not as my browser suggested) the 25 minute documentary brings in a physiotherapist who takes a look at just how beneficial skill toys can be.

“We brought physiotherapist Jamie Dunnett into the studio to talk about the ways to make sure your skill toy practice is good for you. We use poi as the example toy, but the information can be applied to staff, juggling, diablo, etc…”

The documentary is an interesting thing to watch as Jamie Dunnett does indeed go in depth with how skill toys affect not just your muscles but the rest of your body.

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