5 Pinstagrams Every Collector Should Know About

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Everyone always asks me where I get my pins from and the answer is from all over. There are tons of new and emerging companies out there that are getting in on the pin game and trying to find some good ones in such a saturated market may prove to be difficult at times. So I rounded up 5 cool Pinstagrams that I thought are worth mentioning. If you are into collecting pins you may already be a dedicated follower to these brands. If you’re just getting started, you are in good hands.

Lordsburg Arts


Famous for the pin called Bulma’s Curiosity where the Dragonball Z character is topless, Lordsburg Pins has come a long way and now call themselves Lordsburg Arts. They just did a recent collaboration with the pizza art obsessed Pizza Boyz where instead of holding a Dragon Radar, its a chessy slice of ‘za.



This is one of my favorites. With the mottow “No Vowel Just Foul”, DRTY has a taste for some of American histories most shocking crimes and turning them into fahionable clothing and accessories. From Jeffery Dahmer, the Zodiac, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gien, to Waco, Jonestown, Columbine, and the Unabomber – DRTY takes crimes of the century  and twists them into pop cultural street wear.

Patches and Pins Expo


The Instagram account one of the largest patches and pins expo’s in the country. The account is fun to follow because you get to see featured pin companies featured who usually vend at the expo. Their current expo is happening today, in New York City. The first 400 people to get in receive a free commemorative pin. It’s definitely one of those expos where you just bring straight up cash because you know you are going to want to buy just about everything you see.

Bummer Days

Bummer Days is a calm and collected pin, print, and apparel company that mostly references classic cult films. I especially like the Margot Tenenbaum phone and cigarette chain pin. They also have an entire Twin Peaks pin set and just released a Steven Spielberg set as well. Really a great shop for movie buffs.

Stefany Kay


Nothing screams girl power more than Stefany Kay’s collection of pins. She also paints pin boards like the one you see in the photo below. Support your local girl gang and follow her fantastic feminine feed.

So there you have it. Just a few pin accounts I recommend doing the hard labor of hitting “Follow” for. As I am writing this I’m debating n either buying the Manson pins or the Margot Tenenbaum one. Well dammit, I guess I’ll just get both.

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