Remembering That Epic Kendama Blunt

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It’s April 20th and to all of you who only know that date as Hitler’s birthday I’ll let you know that today is also a day celebrated by potheads all over the world. 4/20 has become a symbolic holiday for the stoner culture and these days with just about everybody smoking ganja it might as well be an official national holiday.

Last year in May, only a few weeks after 4/20, a kendama jam was held at ONSOMESHIT in LA, where Adam22 and co. hosted players such as Bonz, Reed Stark, Max Norcross and Cooper Eddy. Adam22 vlogged the whole experience. In today’s vlog we smoked a goddamn kendama is how the description of the video on Youtube starts.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.35.34 AM

The 22 minute vlog features an assortment of dama tricks and other hijinks. And the hijinks peaked when a full size kendama blunt is revealed. With a string and even a tama design, the thing is a serious work of art. If you skip to the 8 minute point of the video there’s a dude who talks about the blunt.

“Theres and ounce and a half of weed in it and a few grams of shatter,” he says.

“How long did this work of art take?” Adam22 asks. “A couple of hours. I don’t know, Weaver made it.”

Weaver  didn’t attend the jam to partake in his own epic creation. Whoever you are Weaver, we salute you.

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